Product catalogue

Сommon software for the set-up of all of Ritm's devices

A set of drivers for connecting Ritm's devices to the common set-up software

GPS trackers

Voyager 2N
Voyager 3N
Voyager 4N
Voyager 5N
Voyager 6N
Voyager 15

Control Panels and Security Devices

Contact GSM-1M
Contact GSM-2
Contact GSM-5-2
Contact GSM-9A
Contact GSM-9M
Contact GSM-9N
Contact GSM-14
Contact GSM-14 WIFI
Contact GSM-15
Contact GSM-16
Contact LAN
Contact LAN-11


Sensors and recivers

Magnetic wireless sensor (RDD1)
Magnetic wireless sensor (RDD2)
Magnetic wireless sensor (RDD3)
PIR motion sensor (RMD1)
Protection surface sound sensor (RGD)
Radio channel receiver (RDK1 4 outputs)
Radio channel receiver (RDK1 6 outputs)
Wired impact/tilt sensor (DST)
Keypads and key fob
Radio key fob RBR1
Keypad KB1-2
Wired touch keypad (LCD KB2)
Wireless keypad (RKB1)

PSTN Modems for Control Panels

Wired Modem 5RT-1
Wired Modem K-16


GSM-modem Ritm
Stationary GSM-IP Modem

Monitoring Stations

Central Monitoring Station GSM/USB
Central Monitoring Station PSTN/USB
Central monitoring Station GSM/IP
Central monitoring station PSTN/IP

Wi-Fi Accessories

Wi-Fi Display "Exit"
Wi-Fi Siren "SWF-01"
Wi-Fi Relay
Cable for PC Connection "USB 3 (USB, Wi-Fi)"

Power supplies

Redundant Power Supplies
Redundant Power Supply (BPM1205N)
Redundant Power Supply (BRP1205_5A) with Contact enclosure
Redundant Power Supply (BRP1205_7A)

Miscellaneous Equipment

RS232/IP Bridge
Surgard-Ademco ContactID Converter (USB-DTMF)
Single-channel unit for short circuit protection PRT1