• Overview


    Install a tracker in a concealed part of your vehicle and it will submit its location data to GEO.RITM at a pre-defined time.
    The Voyager 6N’s special «sleep» operating modes will prevent thieves from quickly locating the device in your vehicle.
    The small size of the tracker and its unobtrusive color enable you to make sure that it will be undetectable by visual inspection.
    Additionally, its sealed casing allows the tracker to work in any appropriate location, where a GPS or GLONASS connection is available. This makes it possible to install the tracker without using huge sealed compartments that unmask the device.
    Whether your vehicle has been towed or stolen, you will easily find it in no time.

    Fully independent

    As the Voyager 6N does not require connection to onboard electrical circuitry, it can be easily installed on any vehicles:

    • Expensive special vehicles;
    • Private vehicles;
    • Company vehicles (incl. premium class);
    • Motorcycles and mopeds;
    • Bicycles and scooters;
    • Motorboats, yachts, schooners;
    • Animal-drawn transport;

    Provided that four CR123A batteries are installed, the Voyager 6N will work for up to 2 years in beacon mode.

    Simple installation

    Special option - magnetic backing - plate simplifies device attachment to plain metal surfaces.
    You only have to attach magnetic backing plate to the tracker, and it’s instantly ready for installation.
    A significant force is needed to tear the tracker off the surface, so you can be sure, it won’t fall off by itself, even on a country road.

    Compatibility with any GoPro mount

    Now you have even more options for simple installation of the tracker: a backing plate with special mount allows you to use GoPro accessories. GoPro action camera mounts are made for extreme conditions use.
    Frame mounts allow quick and easy on-demand installation of the tracker to ATV-vehicles (quad bikes, buggies, trikes, halftrack motorcycles and snowmobiles), boats, and PWCs.
    Thanks to compact sizing, light weight, online operating mode, and simple mounting system, Voyager 6N — is an ultimate solution for all recreational athletes and sport event hosts.

  • tech specs

    location & celluar

    GPS/GLONASS antenna internal
    GSM (CSD, GPRS) 1 SIM-card
    GSM antenna internal


    Magnetic backing plate optional
    GoPro mount optional
    Sealed casing IP67
    Dimensions without magnetic backing plate 25×50×81 mm
    Weight 60 g
    Operating temperature range (without regard to battery characteristics) -40…+50 °С


    Runs on replaceable batteries 2-4×3 V / CR123 type


    Motion sensor


    Micro USB

    General specifications

    Non-volatile memory «black box» Up to 57 890 points
    Configuration via Micro USB
    Board buttons «Test»
    GPS tracker internal indicators «GPS reception test»